3 Software Products You Need As A Beginner Video Editor

Video editing and production is a versatile career path that allows you to engage your creativity and be paid well in the process. You already know that you need formal training and education in video editing, a great computer, and ideally, a mentor to help guide your new career path. Another key component of your new career that shouldn't be overlooked is owning and learning how to use the right software. Investing in these three software products will give you added skills for your resume and help take your video edits to a more professional level:

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve allows you to professionally color correct your videos, helping bring your video subjects to life and giving your videos much more rich and detailed coloring. By taking the time to learn the ins and outs of DaVinci Resolve software, you will dramatically improve your color grading skills and add an impressive credential that will help you snag better video editing gigs. The newest versions of DaVinci Resolve are known for being user-friendly, intuitive to learn, and making it easier to edit and color grade your videos in the same application.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is the professional-grade video creation and editing software from Apple. Being fluent in Final Cut Pro is expected for most video production and editing jobs, so it's important to spend serious time becoming comfortable with this software. One of the features Final Cut Pro is known for is providing a way for video editors to create more smooth, flawless transitions between scenes, and especially jump cuts which tend to be rough and obvious when working with some other video editing software products.

Adobe Premiere Elements

One of the most beginner-friendly video editing software options, Adobe Premiere Elements is a great tool as you begin your video editing career. Adobe Premiere Elements makes it easy to edit and create professional videos and movies while providing plenty of educational resources that help you grow and strengthen your skills as a video editor. Eventually, you may find that this software isn't as robust or sophisticated as you would like, but when you are first starting out it will help you polish your skills.

By purchasing and taking the time to learn these video editing and production software products, you will soon become a much more professional and polished video editor, with specific software skills to list on your resume.