Why Store Artwork In A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Purchasing artwork can be costly, and you need to ensure that it remains intact. If you want to store your art for some time, you need to wrap your piece well and get climate-controlled storage. The storage is set to specific humidity levels, temperature, and light, ensuring maximum protection of your artwork against damage by natural elements. Here are the reasons why you should put your artwork in climate-controlled storage units.

Pest Protection

Pests can cause damage to your piece, resulting in financial and emotional losses. For instance, mice may nibble on the canvas causing significant damage. In return, you may need to repair the artwork or replace it. 

Fortunately, climate-controlled storage is completely sealed. This means that pests have no entry points into the unit. Also, if a pest manages to enter the storage unit, it would suffocate as the unit is airtight. Therefore, such storage units provide pest protection, increasing the lifespan of your art.

Extreme Temperature Protection

Art pieces are usually delicate, and you should store them under stable temperatures to prevent damage. For instance, extremely high temperatures can cause the melting of wax-based arts. Additionally, alternating high and low temperatures can cause rapid expansion and contraction of your art, possibly causing breakage and warping of wooden parts. Climate-controlled storage allows you to store your art at the ideal temperature.

UV Protection

UV light can destroy artwork such as paintings. The light can cause fading of paint and damage art materials such as paper and leather, which makes the art unattractive. Therefore, you need to store your art pieces away from direct sunlight. With climate-controlled storage, you can control the amount of light in the storage area, preventing UV damage.

Humidity Protection

Excess moisture in your artwork's storage unit can cause mold to grow on your piece. Molds are unattractive and can make your artwork have a musty smell. Also, too much moisture can cause your piece to rot. Humidity-controlled storage maintains the ideal humidity levels that guard against mold growth and water damage. If the humidity level changes, humidity sensors alert the humidifier, which adjusts accordingly. This helps maintain the correct humidity levels throughout the storage period.

Debris Protection

During storage, debris such as dust and pollen may accumulate on your painting. The debris may cause scratching of your artwork's surface and make your piece look unkempt. Climate-controlled storage units are completely sealed, protecting your art against dust and debris.

Climate-controlled storage protects your artwork against light, debris, humidity, temperature, and pests. Consider finding climate-controlled storage for these reasons.