Key Questions To Ask When You Are Choosing An Artist For Your First Tattoo

If you've wanted a tattoo for a while and you are finally ready to make it a permanent addition to your skin, choosing the right person to provide it is essential. For instance, it's a good idea to be sure that the tattoo artist that you ultimately select has a portfolio that reflects the superior skill you deserve. In addition, it will be helpful to remember that the process of getting a tattoo is often quite time-consuming, which might impact your final choice of artist. Therefore, asking the following questions of any person that you might entrust the addition of your first piece of body art to will allow you to be surer of your final choices.  

Can You See A Full And Comprehensive Portfolio Of The Artist's Previous Work?

It's important to note that although the majority of tattoo providers have great artistic skills, those abilities can still vary.  In addition, some persons might have opted to focus on specific types of tattoos or may have opted to spend some extra time learning how to apply a new tattoo to areas that have been previously tattooed, scarred or that feature stretch marks.

If any of those factors apply to your own situation, closely evaluating the different photos in the portfolio can be quite useful. When perusing those pages, it might also help you to look for photos of before and after the work was provided.  As part of that, you're also likely to benefit from checking to see if there are any available images of tattoos a few months after they were provided, to check for vibrancy, consistency, spreading of the images, etc.

How Comfortable Are You With The Tattoo Artist?

Another aspect to consider pertains to the amount of time you can expect to spend in the chair getting the tattoo and by extension, how comfortable you will be doing so. For example, it has been estimated that getting a full sleeve of a detailed photo might take a total of 80 hours from some artists, even though those numbers can vary dramatically.

Fortunately, prolonged sessions are usually divided up over several sessions, days or weeks.  However, it still means that you will be spending a lot of time with only a tattoo needle and latex gloves between your skin and the artist's hands. Therefore, you'll want to be sure that you are comfortable spending extended periods of time with that person, so it's best to spend a few minutes talking to that person before hiring them.  

In conclusion, acquiring your first tattoo is a big decision that is often greatly anticipated for some time before actually committing to it. As a result, when you want to be sure that the tattoo you choose now is one that you will still love in the months and years after it adorns your body, it's best to ask the above questions of each possible provider of that first piece of art.