3 Ways To Add Visual Interest To Your Backyard Garden

It's easy to transform your backyard garden into a really beautiful space with the addition of a few accessories. Flowers and plants are wonderful, but there are lots of other ways to add visual interest to your garden. These non-organic items are perfect because they require no maintenance and will spice up your garden. So, here are three cool ways you can liven up the look of your backyard space without adding to your weekly gardening chores:

Bird Bath With Water Fountain

A nice bird bath with water fountain is a beautiful addition to your space. It will transform the look instantly. You can get a stone water fountain, or a plastic one that is designed to look like stone. The important part is to choose one that has a battery operated water fountain. This way, you won't have to run electrical wires underneath the soil and back to your home. The battery pack can reside in the base of the fountain. This will allow the water to be recirculated through the fountain and create a constantly flowing water spout. It will be really cool to add to the center of your garden. Plus, you will have birds landing on the edge of the fountain and they will drink from the water, which is a beautiful thing to watch from your backyard window. Also, you can get water filters to put into place so that the dirt is filtered out.

Hanging Mirrors

If you're someone who is into Eastern aesthetics, perhaps something along the lines of Fen Shui, then you might want to consider hanging mirrors. These serve two cool purposes. First, the mirrors can visually enlarge the look of your garden. If you happen to have a small space, the mirrors are a fantastic way to create a bigger look. The second benefit to hanging mirrors is that they look beautiful. They catch the light and create beautiful points of interest to look at.

Abstract Stone Sculpture

Finally, you might want to look into getting an abstract stone sculpture. These are a great way to create visual interest to the backyard garden. The abstract nature of the artwork is the perfect counterpoint to the organic flowers and plants. These types of sculptures are used all over the world in botanical gardens. The sculptures don't have to be huge unless you want them to be. You can get very small ones and place them on a stone column in the center of your garden.

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