Clothing And Background Tips For A Great Children’s Portrait

The right background is essential for a great children's portrait. And, selecting just the right background for a shot is something all portrait photographers need to be very purposeful about. In fact, the difference between a good background and a bad background is often the ultimate difference between a good portrait photograph and a bad one. In fact, the background can be even more important than the camera equipment used to take the shot.

In addition to the background, it's also vital that subjects are dressed in such a way the clothing and background don't fight with each other in the final photographs.

If you want to have your child's portrait taken by a professional photographer, then use these clothing and background tips to ensure you love the results.

Tip: Dress Your Child for the Camera Not Your Personal Tastes

While you may love that bright yellow dress you just bought your daughter, the bright color may not play nice with the camera lens and might fight with the photographer's chosen backgrounds. In addition, the child will tend to look a bit yellow from the reflection of the fabric onto their skin. To avoid this fate, you should stick to more neutral and muted colors for photographs.

In addition, you should always avoid any clothing with visible logos or words printed on it. These things draw in the viewer's eye and will ruin a photograph.

Tip: Avoid Backgrounds that Detract from the Main Subject

The main subject in a portrait of a child should always be the child and not the background. While patterned backgrounds have their place in certain photographs, such as for holiday shots, they can be very distracting in other types of shots.

When you want your child to be front and center without distraction, consider a single-color background. For example, kid photo backdrops made of colors such as grey make the subject pop because they fade into the background.

Tip: Have Portraits of Your Child Taken in Natural Light and Consider a Natural Background

Lastly, it's important to mention that portraits that are taken in natural settings with natural light often look the best. If your child's photographer is willing to do an outdoor shoot, then you really should consider this option. Children always look fantastic in natural light and with the natural background of a park, lake, or forest, the resulting photographs will be wonderful.