Three Examples Of Fun Comic Strip Characters

Comic strips are a great way to start the morning. You can grab a cup of coffee, or another morning beverage of your choosing, and start the day off with some lighthearted laughs. There are some characters that make for fun comic strips because they are either so relatable to most people, they are naturally amusing, or the interactions between them can already be so entertaining. You can learn about three great characters for comic strips here, as well as some of the reasons why they can make for such fun comics: 

Office staff based comic strips

Comic strips that feature characters who are working in an office setting can make for some great comics. There are plenty of interesting characters that can work together in an office and reading comic strips about them can make for a lot of laughs. You can enjoy everything from antics that happen at the water cooler to funny fights the staff can have amongst themselves that would make for a good comic. Also, office jokes behind the boss's back can be very amusing to read in the comic strips. 

Family drama related comic strips

There is no end to the number of amusing stories that can revolve around the family. This is why there are so many popular comic strips that have to do with households. Things that can make for a great comic include a household that has family members from just about all age groups. This way, the comics can be about something funny the young kids did one day to something amusing that happened between the parents the next day. Also, it can be great when the in-laws are thrown into the comic strip, such as around the holidays. In-laws can be so entertaining in real life, so it only makes sense that they would be even more interesting to see on a comic strip where literally anything can happen. 

Farm animal comic strips

People love to read things about farm animals, including everything from true stories in books to jokes on comic strips. When you have farm animals that can talk, there is no end to the types of comics that can be created revolving around the animals as well as life on the farm. From jokes about pig pens to comics following a farm animal who doesn't feel like working one day, things can get especially creative when farm animals are involved.

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