Clothing And Background Tips For A Great Children’s Portrait

The right background is essential for a great children's portrait. And, selecting just the right background for a shot is something all portrait photographers need to be very purposeful about. In fact, the difference between a good background and a bad background is often the ultimate difference between a good portrait photograph and a bad one. In fact, the background can be even more important than the camera equipment used to take the shot. Read More 

3 Ways To Add Visual Interest To Your Backyard Garden

It's easy to transform your backyard garden into a really beautiful space with the addition of a few accessories. Flowers and plants are wonderful, but there are lots of other ways to add visual interest to your garden. These non-organic items are perfect because they require no maintenance and will spice up your garden. So, here are three cool ways you can liven up the look of your backyard space without adding to your weekly gardening chores: Read More 

3 Tips For Buying Artwork Online

There are pros and cons to buying artwork online. On the one hand, you miss out on some of the experiences that normally accompany buying artwork in person, like face-to-face meetings with dealers and even artists in galleries and art fairs. On the other hand, the ability to purchase artwork online makes more artwork available to the average person – you can find types and specific pieces of artwork that might not be available in your area without the need to travel or wait and hope that you get lucky. Read More 

Key Questions To Ask When You Are Choosing An Artist For Your First Tattoo

If you've wanted a tattoo for a while and you are finally ready to make it a permanent addition to your skin, choosing the right person to provide it is essential. For instance, it's a good idea to be sure that the tattoo artist that you ultimately select has a portfolio that reflects the superior skill you deserve. In addition, it will be helpful to remember that the process of getting a tattoo is often quite time-consuming, which might impact your final choice of artist. Read More 

3 Software Products You Need As A Beginner Video Editor

Video editing and production is a versatile career path that allows you to engage your creativity and be paid well in the process. You already know that you need formal training and education in video editing, a great computer, and ideally, a mentor to help guide your new career path. Another key component of your new career that shouldn't be overlooked is owning and learning how to use the right software. Read More